Satyanand Multispeciality Hospital has been known for providing adept and modern medical facilities. It has crafted services into three categories which aim at providing the finest medical services available today.

Corporate Services

Satyanand Multispeciality Hospital is offering the widest range of medical facilities under a single roof.

Personal Services

Treatments at your Doorstep - Satyanand is a pioneer hospital in providing innovative medical services that are unique. In this continuous endeavor

School Services

We offer a variety of services to schools through tie-ups with our hospital. We offer round the clock medical emergency care of your students and staff.

PolyClinic & Diagnostic Centre

Satyanand Multispeciality Hospital is offering PolyClinic & Diagnostic Centre for the widest range of medical facilities under a single roof.

Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy at satyanand hospital is derived from yoga tradition of Patanjali as espoused by Bihar School of yoga

Geriatric Care Unit

Satyanand Geriatric Care Unit helps the elderly to discern the best way to improve their health and maintain functional ability

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Satyanand Multispeciality Hospital is a 30 bedded hospital spread over 10000 sq.ft having semi Private, Private (AC) rooms, Luxury (AC) rooms & 6 bedded ICU with modern facilities.



PMC Education Department

Information related to diagnosis, condition, treatment and medicines.

Have secrecy during Examination, Treatment and Conversation with your physician and other healthcare providers.

Expect prompt treatment during Emergency.

Clarify all your doubts before signing the consent form such as general consent form and consent form for Surgery/Anesthesia/High risk procedures.

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Patient can seek second opinion about his/her disease treatment, etc.

Patients can ask for copies of medical records.

Say ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ to experimental treatments, research, project affecting his/her care treatment.

Get entire details of the bill.

Express your concerns, complaints and or grievance to any of our hospital staff.

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Health Tips

Introduce solids at about Four to Six Months of age

Babies grow quickly in the first year of life, so they need plenty of energy (Calories) and nutrients. Children’s growth isn’t always steady and even but can be in spurts, which means that appetite and hunger can be unpredictable. The amounts of foods eaten by your baby and their interest in food may be a little different from day to day. This is normal and shouldn’t cause any concerns if your baby is growing well.

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Baby feeding bottles should not contain sweet drinks.

Baby feeding bottles should not be used to settle children at rest times.

Sugary snacks should be limited.

Children should not get sweet foods as rewards for good behaviour.

Teeth brushing should be encouraged after meals.

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Avoid using a baby’s bottle to settle your child to sleep.

Don’t keep sweet drinks in the house.

Don’t consume sweet drinks yourself.

If your child is already used to sweet drinks, start to reduce their intake - for example, you could offer them watered down versions.

If your child gets upset, remember that they will get used to the changes if you continue.

Be patient. This may take time, particularly if your child is in the habit of wanting juice or cordial whenever they are thirsty or hungry.

Encourage your child to eat fresh fruit instead of drinking fruit juice.

If you wish to include sweet drinks in your child’s diet, limit consumption to one small glass per day.

Visit your local doctor or health centre if you have any concerns about your child’s health or growth.

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Be calm and relaxed when you start to feed your baby.

Make sure your child is sitting comfortably and is not too hungry.

Stay with your baby while eating and let them sit around with the family to watch and learn.

Be patient. Your baby may only take a spoonful at first, but this will increase with time and practice.

Be prepared – all babies will make a mess as they learn to eat.

Stay with your child while eating to avoid accidents such as choking.

Try again in a day or so if your baby refuses the first time.

Wait several days before introducing a new food.

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  • Satyanand Multispeciality Hospital offer old age home for those people who really needs care.We offer affordable dementia care homes for your comfort.
  • The personnel touch of our dedicated and caring staff elevates the standard of health care services at your door step.


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