Accident and Emergency Services

It is very important to provide required medical care to the patients at the right time especially during medical emergencies like falls, fire burns, assaults, accidents, severe wounds with bleeding. Such scenarios trigger multiple trauma in several body parts. Patients who need trauma care need to be immediately provided a first-aid and taken to the nearest 24×7 emergency hospital, which has surgeons, neuro surgeons, orthopedic surgeons, cardiac surgeons, radiologists and nurses, emergency department, an operating room, laboratory testing, diagnostic testing, blood bank and pharmacy.

The golden hour is generally the first 60 minutes from the time of a traumatic injury during which there is a high possibility that medical and surgical treatment can prevent death. Its very important to reach the patient quickly and stabilize the patient for getting treatment, get the patient to hospital. To get benefitted with the best chance of survival. Golden Hour Treatment needs to be specialized and have all the provisions ready to pick up the patient, provide life care and transport to the emergency hospital where always a team of trained paramedics, nurses, emergency physicians are available to protect valuable lives of patients. Satyanand Hospital is a well-resourced hospital in terms of service, quality of treatment and experience of our doctors we intend to do our duty and keep our patient’s health under surveillance throughout their term in the hospital and we are happy to provide not only in the treatment but also in the post treatment of our patients. Satyanand Hospital covers almost a circle of 6 to 10 Kms radius area of kondhwa khurd in Pune, and we have our emmergency care services that are within the immediate reach. Sophisticated ambulances with the equipment to give immediate life support to the patients and pre-informative preparation for the treatment of the patients are arranged before they could reach the hospital. We provide the health care support to our inpatients and outpatients by our consultation doctors. Our doctors always being at the reach of our patients. Thorough examination and correct diagnosis are provided upon the first evaluation of symptoms. Our surgeons are at service all the time and immediate actions are administered to the patients in situations of physical injury. We are connected with multiple blood banks to support our patients with immediate assistance.

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