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Satyanand Hospital is also approved by the “Central Govt. Health Services (CGHS)” India.
  Privilege Cards Pre- Employment Health Checkups On- Site Dispensary Free Medical Camps at Hospital
  >>  Privilege Cards
Satyanand Multispeciality Hospital is offering the widest range of medical facilities under a single roof. It is uniquely designed to deliver high health care services with personalized touch at a very affordable price.
Till date we have more than 1000 privilege card members of our hospital.
The members having privilege card can avail the following services.
Free Blood pressure check up once a week.
10% discount on investigations and consulting i.e.( ECG ,All Pathology Test , Ultrasound , X-ray ).
Free Blood sugar check up once a month.
10% discount on admission.
Members will be invited once in a year to give suggestions – They will be the part of the management.
Membership has to be renewed every year from the date of issue.
Members can get one First Aid Box at 50% discount.
  >>  Pre- Employment Health Checkups
We are accredited with the following government agencies, institutions and organizations:
  Corinthian Club
  Shoba Developers
Scope of pre-employment and annual physical examination, complete physical examination(general), ENT, Lymphatic, Cardiovascular, Genitals, Respiratory, Nervous, Muscular-Skeletal, ECG etc.
  All Blood Tests.
  >>  On- Site Dispensary

We also offer a comprehensive package including designing and setting up On-Site dispensary at your organization. We provide doctors, nurses and paramedical staff for on-site dispensary.

Following are the procedures for setting an On-Site dispensary.
  Setting up the medical emergency room at site, medical facilities would be done in consultation with leading experts in our
group so that optimal utilization of the space is done.
Helping organization to identify and purchase the emergency medical equipment and supplies. All equipment will go through a
quality control process in order to achieve quality assurance.
Provide medical and Para medical staff, having trained manpower at the site would ensure safety and medical security of all
the employees.
On-Site dispensary : Facilities
  ECG (On doctor’s recommendation).
  Scheduled consultant visits.
  Emergency ambulance facility.
  Organizing free health check up campus.
  Issuing of privilege cards to all your staff members.
  Providing confidential report to management regarding health status of your employees.
One room minimum of 200 Sq.ft. with backup of electricity and water.
  >>  Free Medical Camps at Hospital
We would like to take this opportunity to offer free medical camp for your employees/staff devoid of any hidden cost at our hospital. The purpose is to create awareness regarding health among the individuals in society.
By organizing free health check up’s we will offer following services to your employees.
  Physician check up.
Blood sugar random.
Blood pressure check up.
Bone density.
ECG (on Doctor’s recommendation).
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